Need a fruit and veg supplier that cares as much about their customer's end product as they do? Well fresh produce is where it all began for us, our heart will always be in fruit and vegetable distribution and we pride ourselves in providing the best!


It began in 1946 with our Grandfather Peter, a lorry and bags of potatoes and market fresh fruit & veg. This was the start of what today has grown into a business that distributes around Scotland, not too bad from a simple beginning!

As we have expanded our delivery area we too have expanded our product range.

What started with potatoes has now expanded to include dragon fruit, kumquat, habanero chillies, okra, galangal, heirloom vegetables and much more. With our expansive range of fruit & veg, we feel that we are fully equipped to cater to all your needs.  

Our goal has remained the same over the years and that is to provide a complete service to our customers, combined with our passion for the best fresh produce in town!


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fruit & veg

Keep Calm & Cater

prepared products

Urban Grocer has it's very own prep range, we can slice & dice anything you want!

From producing prepared fruit, veg and salads, if you can think of it, then we can prep it for you!

We offer this service because the modern kitchen can benefit through saving time, reducing waste and reducing food handling.


Urban Grocer is able to tailor any products to meet the specific needs of your menu, look left to see our bespoke ball cut, chateau, barrel, fondant and cylinder veg.

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dairy products

We have a fabulous range of dairy produce!
We supply our customers with dairy products, including milk, cream, butter, yogurt and cheese – the crème de la crème of product ranges! And (although we know they’re not strictly a dairy product) we also have a wide range of eggs on offer too. Whey more choice than you expected, right?!
If you’re after a jug of milk, we’ve got everything from whole milk, semi-skimmed and skimmed as well as specialist varieties such as organic all from our friend's at Graham's Family Dairy. If you’re after a pot of cream or yogurts or a block of butter we have you covered!

Our egg products range from conventional to free range as well as organic. If your needs are for something a little more special we are able to provide quail and duck eggs at request, just let us know! 

And as for cheese… Well let’s say that we have a variety of many different cheese products to offer you! Whether it’s Cheddar, Stilton, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Feta, Gorgonzola, Brie, Camembert, Halloumi, Ricotta, Mascarpone or Wensleydale, we can supply it.

So if there’s something special you’re after, just ask and we’ll do our best!

fruit juice & purees

Our fruit juices are made freshly for us every day, we have a tasty range of pasturised and unpastuirsed options.

We source our citrus from around the World, we follow the sun! This allows us to find the best citrus fruits for our fruit juices.


We also have a fabulous range of fruit purees that can cater for all of your bar and kitchen needs. Soon we be offering fresh liquid food stocks developed by one of our trusted chefs.


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