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In the UK, Mother nature is reawakening and with the new harvest there is a variety of fresh products available for the chef's larder. February is the green to go signal of Spring, from North Yorkshire we have candle lit grown rhubarb slowly but surely nudging it's way into existence. In March out go the old Spanish onions and in come the new Chilean Grano variety. 

April is the month for UK grown Asparagus and then as the sun rises in the sky we move to early root veg such as Jersey Royal potatoes, Spring greens, Kale and Carrots. 

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With crops in full bloom there is an  abundance of fresh and tasty produce to liven up your menu.
First up in May are Ayrshire potatoes, a real family favourite and Epicure is the variety to demand!
By May first of the English soft fruits have arrived, soon to be followed by Scottish, slowly grown with fresh Scottish water filtered in from the highland rivers.

June and July are abundant with all fruits from southern Europe like yellow melons from Cartagena in Murcia, Spain; these are the best of the year by far. Cherries and sweetcorn are also now available. By August we are slowly heading around the corner towards the root crop harvest. Old varieties of potatoes are still grown, alongside new yellow and white carrots from Ayrshire. ​ 

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Summer abundance is now declining and we change from sweeter fruits to hardier veg. New arrivals are UK Bramley Seedling cooking apples, later in the month and early September Discovery apples become available, moving on to Cox Orange Pippins which are grown primarily in Kent.
Potatoes varieties - Accord, Innovator and Lincolnshire Maris Piper are best for chipping potatoes.

From Scotland we still have our locally grown produce to offer such as Curly Kale, Candy, Golden & Purple beetroots as well as new season swedes arriving primarily from Drysdale at Berwickshire and Stewarts of Tayside.

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The grounds have firmed and root veg is primarily on the menu, parsnips, onions, celeriac and carrots are plentiful. Berries as ever are in demand, we have to follow the sun to Morocco & Egypt as these are the next nearest source for strawberries until the new season arrives from Southern Europe, Spain. 


Raspberries & Blueberries are now only by air freight mainly from southern hemisphere, namely Chile.   ​

As always, we can supply your festive favourites such Chesnuts to roast on the open fire, Jerusalem Artichokes, pomegranates and clementines for your Christmas stocking.

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